Americana Inspirations: Defining the Look

This month, in honor of Independence Day (the holiday, not the bad but guiltily entertaining Will Smith movie), we’ve curated our favorite styles with an Americana theme. But we found in having an office conversation about it, the idea of what defines “Americana” was fairly splintered. So we narrowed it down to the five most common visual themes that we could think of and curated the list around those. What five visual cues did we feel captured inspired Americana? Here’s a visual tour from our content team.

Pastoral Images: Farmers Shaped This Country

The Americana Curation: Inspired by Pastoral BeginningsWe don’t necessarily know that the exact visual cue of the famous American Pastoral painting is exactly the visual cue we’re searching for, but we absolutely had to include pastoral imagery and icons in our Americana collection. Long before America became an industrial nation, farmers crafted the work ethic and soul of the country. They stretched out across the nation and worked from dusk till dawn in fields full of American soil and in small towns full of the American spirit. America is pastoral in history, and so is its look.

The Americana Curation: The Cow CufflinksOur favorite selection from the Americana curation to feed this visual thread is our Enamel Cow Cufflinks. If the fields and farms are still in his heart and he still wakes with the urge to work the soil, even if he’s supporting his family in a suited-up office, these cufflinks are for him.

Baseball Images: America’s Pastime

The Americana Curation: Inspired by Baseball

As America was creating its storied identity, baseball was emerging as the great unifier and beloved pastime. Though the history of baseball is not without its unfavorable moments, it’s a soap opera that documents decades and entire eras of the American timeline. From the thrill of the game, friendly coThe Americana Curation: Baseball Cufflinksmpetitiveness, state-by-state and city-by-city unity with a team, the visible history of integration and the bevy of American heroes, baseball is Americana.

From our Americana curation, we love our newest baseball style. A sterling silver brushed baseball keeps it simply while also capturing the feel of the weight of the history of baseball.

Military Pride: We Honor Our Troops

The Americana Curation: Military Inspirations

No matter what your opinion on various military choices and efforts may be, as a nation we can all agree that we’re grateful for and protected by the might of the American military branches. Surprisingly (or perhaps not surprisingly) when we looked at Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines imagery over the past several decades, much of the propaganda style was the same. It combines pride, patriotism and commitment into visuals that feel at once powerful and comforting.

Americana Curation: Gunmetal Grenade CufflinksIt wasn’t even a second guess to us that our selection from our Americana collection to support the military theme would be our gunmetal Grenade Cufflinks. They at once feel vintage and current and are perfect for military personnel and enthusiasts alike.

The Roaring Twenties: A Nation Still Searching for Gatsby

The Americana Curation: The Roaring Twenties Inspiration

Generations of Americans were influenced by the carefree roaring twenties and the art deco visual moments. In fact, the longing for those carefree days can certainly be linked to the current resurgence of art deco inspired looks in all areas of design and style. We love a good party, a celebration for the sake of celebrating and the deeper story of personal angst that pAmericana Curation: Art Deco Cufflinksermeated much of the nineteen-twenties. And we’re certainly including that visual strain in our curation.

We’re not short on art deco inspired black tie designs, but we selected these mother of pearl cushion cufflinks for our featured piece because they both harken the style of the twenties while transitioning to a modern look seamlessly.

And Finally, Classic Red, White and Blue

The Americana Curation: Red, White and Blue Inspirations

Of course we couldn’t end this without including the traditional American colors of red, white and blue. You’ll find selections of our favorite gemstone cufflinks in blue lapis, red coral or carnelian and white mother of pearl throughout our curation.

Americana Inspirations: Defining the Look
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Americana Inspirations: Defining the Look
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